Repair of undercarriage
Repair of undercarriage

Engine repair
Engine repair

The collapse of convergence
The collapse of

Repair of brake system
Repair of
brake system

Cleaning of injectors
Cleaning of injectors

Регулювання світла фар
Regulation of light

Computer diagnostics
Computer diagnostics

Auto Electronics
Auto Electronics

Replacement of auto-glass
Replacement of

Installation of gas equipment
Installation of gas

Diagnosis of cars before buying
Diagnosis of cars
before buying

Change of oil
Change of oil

Painting car
Painting car

Original spare parts
Original spare parts

Routine maintenance
Routine maintenance

Additional services
Additional services

At SS Master Mitsubishi we provide the following types of service:

routine maintenance of  Mitsubishi automobiles;
automobile running gear comprehensive diagnosis;
automobile pre-purchase comprehensive diagnosis;
automobile comprehensive diagnosis, including the diagnosis of the automobile running gear, liquid level check (cooling, brake,  HPS liquid, gearbox oil level), engine oil level, air and cabin filter condition, checking the throttle valve condition, spark-plug contamination level, etc.);
Routine maintenance of vehicles Mitsubishi

replacement, repair and maintenance of vehicle chassis components;
replacement, repair and maintenance of the internal combustion engine;
2,4 Mivec engine valve adjustment procedure;
replacement, repair and maintenance of the gearbox;
comprehensive maintenance of the automobile fuel system. Throttle plate and injector nozzles cleaning;
repair and maintenance of the automobile braking system;
replacement, repair and maintenance of vehicle chassis components

replacement, repair and maintenance of the automobile cooling system components;

automobile computer diagnosis  (engine, gearbox, ABS, Airbag, etc.) with a Launch X431 Diagun diagnostic scanner  (electronic systems (controlling units) identification) and display of their ratings, including the printout; error codes reading, display and printout; error codes deletion, display and printout of sensors current data, i.e. engine rpm, automobile speed, system voltage, cooling liquid temperature, MAP, TP sensors data, etc. The device enables to display parameter values in both the digital and graphical forms; actuators checking and enabling; service interval resetting);
Computer diagnostics of cars

repair and maintenance of the vehicle electrical system

the collapse of convergence on the stand HOFMANN 3D

repair and maintenance of automobile electric systems;
ancillary equipment installation (signalling, audios, acoustics, parking sensors, xenon lights, pane closers, tow bars, central locks, etc.);
installation of engine protection, bull bars;

brake rotors processing; groove brake discs

alignment on the HOFMANN 3D rack,

Regulation of light headlights.

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