More than 10 years of working experience
Excellent price for european quality
High-quality components from leading manufacturers
Up-to-date high-quality equipment
Flexible discount system
Prompt service. no queues
Individual approach to each customer and automobile
Suitable location (right bank, kyiv)

Cruise control installation

Scheduled works
(routine maintenance)

Service maintenance of the Mitsubishi automobiles

Gas equipment installation
on all Mitsubishi models

Closed secure parking lot service with 24/7 surveillance

Computer diagnosis

Engine diagnosis and repair

Running gear, braking, heating and cooling systems diagnosis and repair

Sale of original and licensed components, liquids, expendable materials and accessories for Mitsubishi automobiles

    HOFMANN 3D Alignment on the HOFMANN 3D rack

  Regulation of light headlights

Repair of Mitsubishi


Cruise control installation


Customer feedback:


Ill also post my positive feedback. Ive been receiving service in the SS Master at Belt road for more than 3 years since the purchase, from 55 to 160 thousand km travelled. Im satisfied with the service, well done, guys! The approach is decent, prices are nice, and they do a high-quality job. Keep it up!


I liked the station very much. Firstly, the work was in a full swing on an off day, secondly, the territory and the very repair area are well-managed and quite neat (oh, yes, Im an aesthete), and the main thing is that they diagnosed and revitalized our Lancer X within an hour,  at least removing the unnecessary brum-brum-brum and peek-peek from it and replacing it with a proper fuse. I recommend this SS! P.S. the guys are attentive, serious and really nice fellows! Thank you!!


Im grateful to the guys for replacing all the braking shoes and liquidEspecially for Misha, despite the fact that I was late and the station was to be closed shortly, and the guys felt as If they had already come home, they did everything for me quickly, and thank you for being on the Lanos.

1-V Novokostiantynivska st.
Monday to Friday from 09-00 a.m. to 6-00 p.m.
Saturday from 09-00 a.m. to 02-00 p.m.
+38 (044) 33-247-88
+38 (097) 830-20-10
+38 (073) 830-20-10

4-B Kiltseva Road
Monday to Friday from 09.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.
Saturday from 09-00 a.m. to 02-00 p.m.
+38 (044) 228-13-78
+38 (063) 813-43-10
+38 (067) 115-04-33

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